About Touch

Our Aim is to provide an organised environment where families and friends of all ages and backgrounds in sport can come together socially and enjoy sport in the summer. We have a youth division designed to help clubs continue their development during off season with catch, pass and evasion skills and also a seniors or open division.

Reasons why you should play Touch

    • It’s Fun & Social. Meet people, have fun while staying active, then hang out and enjoy each others company afterwards.
    • There’s no tackling, So there is a low risk of injury.
    • Everyone can play together, Men and Women – and even Families – can play together in a mixed team or seperately in mens, womens, Boys and Girls competitions. In Australia 48% of participants are female athletes and there are over 700.000! players.
    • Play at any age, From 5yo to 75yo! 
    • Suits Busy Lifestyles, it’s over in 45 minutes, and there are no training requirements.
    • Simple to learn, the only skill you need are being able to run, pass and catch.
    • It gets you fit without you noticing, it’s a great cardio workout in a fun, social environment.
    • It’s inclusive, Different ages and genders can play together, and there are modified versions to provide a place on the field for people with intellectual and/or physical impairments.
    • You can tick off goals, All skills involved are transferrable into everyday life or if you want to play rugby as a profession the skillsets involved compliment sport with communication, leadership qualities, work ethic and team work to name a few.
    • As a fast-paced action-oriented sport, touch is a cool way to burn tons of calories while having fun. The game involves lots of running, moving, and other physical activities, which ensures players are getting in loads of workout time that keeps them fit.
    • It also boosts bone and muscle strength and body coordination all in a fun social atmosphere.
    • The game of touch ingrains desirable traits such as honesty especially in younger players. Since touch is more subtle than a tackle, the player tagged would have to own up when touched. It also fosters team spirit among players.
    • And finally, playing touch encourages discipline which is a required character to succeed in the game.

Just to be clear

We are a 10-12 week competition, only run in the summertime as touch rugby is mostly a summertime sport, it is team based and not club based (but feel free to enter under your club name if you like). We are not here to approach players for rugby clubs but only to offer an avenue for everyone to continue their skills set training through playing Touch Rugby.