Touch Rugby X has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan in association with following the NSF and NOC protocols to help us create and maintain a safe environment for our members. 

This Covid-19 Safety Plan supersedes any of our By-Laws. 

You can also find a number of other resources which help understand the basics in game play/rules and some minimum requirements for you to consider when participating in our touch rugby competition.

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In summary, games will be played as per normal, however all members are encouraged to adopt the ‘Arrive / Play / Leave’ approach while we are still in current Covid-19 conditions.

Also, in the interests and the well-being of our members Touch Rugby eXtreme will: 

  • Encourage physical distancing 
  • Adopt good hygiene and cleaning practices 
  • Ensure accurate records are kept of all participants for each game 

The Touch Rugby eXtreme Competition’s specific protocols and requirements to ensure the 2021 Summer Competition is a Covid Safe environment to play for our members will be made available on our website before the competition commences.

If you have any questions regarding please contact our Covid-19 Safety Coordinator.