Summary of By-Laws and Competition Rules

Rules of Play, Teams and Officials

Touch Rugby eXtreme will conduct our competitions under the new Touch Football Australia (TFA) Rules, 8th Edition. Please take your time to review the new rules. 

  • Please refer to the – Junior and Senior Competition Rules and the Touch Rugby eXtreme Local Competition By-Laws – U8 & U10 Modified Rules which specify supplementary competition laws and procedures to be applied by Touch Rugby Extreme in all our local competitions. 
  • U8 and U10 are played on a half size touch football field. 
  • U8, U10 and U12 use a Junior size touch football. All other age groups and opens use the Senior size ball 
  • The main modifications to U8 games is there is no scoring in U8; the first receiver should touch the ball before defence moves up, unless the dummy half runs themselves; and players will be afforded a full set of six touches whilst they learn the game. A drop ball, forward pass, over the mark, etc. is counted as a touch. 
  • All players, coaches, managers, officials, etc. participating in Touch Rugby Extreme competitions agree to be bound by our Touch Rugby Extreme By-Laws, rules and procedures and any other Touch requirements we deem fitting. 
  • Touch Rugby eXtreme Executive Committee has appointed an Administration Manager to administer our local competitions and a Ground Manager to run the actual game day operations and to ensure all local competitions are conducted in adherence to Touch Rugby eXtreme By-Laws. 

Zero Tolerance

Touch Rugby eXtreme supports a zero tolerance to abuse of referees, club officials and players. Such behaviour can lead to players being cited / suspended and/or teams losing competition points and in the case of more serious incidents removal from the competition.